Agro& Social Fund is a Microcredit Financial Institution that aims to finance development through lending loans.

Agro & Social Fund is committed to assist certain social groups that face economic difficulties and are excluded from financial services, whose opportunities to address poverty, improve living standards, the future of their children and the communities where they live are limited.

Our beginnings

In 2001, Building Futures was created as a World Vision Albania micro-finance program at that time operating with an office in the region of Lezha. In 2009, the Company's Board of Directors decided to approve the transition plan from Building Futures, a Microfinance Program of World Vision Albania, a non-profit society, in Vision Fund Albania with legal status: Company with Limited Responsibility, in accordance with Albanian legislation. This change made possible for Building Futures to became Vision Fund Albania by transferring ownership and control to 100% of Vision Fund International.

Institutional Development

In December 2009, Agro & Social Fund received a license from the Bank of Albania no. 17, as a Non-Bank Financial Institution. On August 9, 2012, the institution became a member of the Microfinance Center, whose mission is to contribute in poverty reduction and potential human development by promoting a sustainable microfinance sector oriented by society that provides adequate financial and non-financial services for a large number of poor families and micro-entrepreneurs.


Since October 2016, the moment when Agro & Social Fund passed under the ownership of the Besa Fund, the largest microfinance institution in the country, an important moment for all subsequent strategic developments, the operational, financial and social progress of the organization, the active portfolio of the company increased by 138.5% in the last three years, respectively 29% in 2017, 59% in 2018 and about 21.5% by the end of October 2019.

Plans for the future

Agro & Social Fund interacts with customers and aims to strengthen the image of the organization as a partner aiming to develop their business and improve the quality of life. In this context, the institution aims to develop, increase, and expand as much as possible, within the territory of Albania, to be closer to the target groups.

Objectives & Strategies


Evaluation and improvement of the products and services we offer to customers in order to achieve customer satisfaction. Development of procedures for measuring the impact of our products.

Strengthening and continuously improving an efficient risk management system that accompanies the organization throughout its activity.

Reviewing the procedures and increasing the sensitivity of each staff member to maintain and strengthen the social dimension of the organization.

Refining staff policies and procedures to provide the right approach to the satisfied employee model that maintains high engagement and motivation, and evaluates career opportunities within the organization.


Agro & Social Fund aims to be an active and contributing actor in increasing the education and financial involvement of undeserved.

It aims to increase the attention and involvement of women or the rural population in financing by increasing access to services that directly affect the quality of their lives, but also the communities in which they belong.

Agro & Social Fund has its priority the perfectionism the product range. In 2020, it launched two new products: "Rural Woman" and "Young Entrepreneurs ", which are closer to the needs of the undeserved clientele.